Dexter's Laboratory V.S. The Big Bang Theory

One of my favourite ultimate childhood cartoons is Dexter's Laboratory, I saw them over and over and over again, I used to know so many quotes, that I would use on a day to day basis, specially when talking with Akuma Kanji. Another show that I adore is The Big Bang Theory, so when I saw these two images, I was like ":O sssoooo trrruuuueeeee!" haha. Now.... do you think there is a possibility that the T.B.B.T. got some inspiration from Dexter Lab cartoons? Of course the story line is different, but there are some similarities.

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I do not own the copyrights of these pictures.
They were randomly picked from Google Images/9GAG.


  1. I remember Dexter's Lab! I used to spend hours watching it!

  2. Ahahahahah! So many memories... mas não vejo as fotos... onde estão?? E tu, tás a aguentar-te por aí? ;) ***bjinhos do pessoal

  3. Já tinha visto essa imagem há uns tempos e apesar de não ver esses desenhos animados fiquei um pouco "oh shit" que copia :/

  4. Tb me lembro do Dexter's lab.. muito divertido! ;)

    xoxo F.


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